As an Artist & Creative Professional, Charlene knows first-hand how traditional career and/or business advising doesn’t address the unique perspective & needs we Creatives have.

In 2020, SmART Career Solutions was created
to fill-in-that-gap & support fellow bad-ass Creative Professionals along their career path.
Step-by-step, with coaching & instructional guidance, you can take control of your career & get relief from the overwhelm of doing it on your own.

Everything I do comes from the perspective of a Creative.
For the benefit of other creatives.


I recognize & celebrate that a significant number of professionals don’t fit into a traditional service model & that NOT ALL PROFESSIONALS wear a suit or would consider themselves in an "average" career - nor would they want to be.
So it makes sense that as a "Creative"- You NEED a CAREER COACH that:

  • You can relate to.

  • Really "get's it".

  • Has likely "been there, done that".

  • Knows the ups & downs from both ends - as the job seeker & after a decade of being a Career Counselor.

  • Addresses YOUR unique emotional, creative & practical needs to achieve success in today’s shifting economy.

Creatives are most productive & satisfied in their careers when using their creativity & “being” creative is a part of their purpose & contribution.​
Girl with a Shoulder Tattoo
The ART in SmART is that
I put 
ART first!

 “Being” creative & doing creative activities is also great for your mental health!


As a painting teacher for over a decade & a life-long creative, Charlene knows how beneficial “being creative” is
as a therapeutic activity.

In 2010, SmART Solutions was created
(d.b.a. Artdonewright), to offer painting classes, for busy, burnt-out & balance-seeking folks looking for a FUN activity with those beneficial side-effects for their mental health.
By way of step-by-step demonstration, support & instructional guidance, you can unleash your creativity & get relief from the overwhelm of your busy life. Plus, you leave with more confidence & with a completed painting.

I give permission to embrace your creativity, regardless of skill, to go beyond the canvas & feed your well-being thru an artistic medium.

Painting parties are also available for team leaders that want a different teambuilding activity that gives them all a break from work & supports staff connection.

Finally - our time has come!

Creativity has rapidly moved up in importance in the modern workplace. In the Top 10 Skills MOST WANTED list, creativity  jumped from 10th in 2015 to 3rd place!

NOW, more than ever, Creativity is worth GOLD!

About CHAR


Creative Professional

Therapeutic Painting Teacher

Serial Creative Entrepreneur


Career Coach

& Business Advisor

kid char
 One thing I know for sure is that I am a CREATIVE.

I was an only child brought up by my mother, but I had a very creative father who was a Taxidermist.
We were a typical dysfunctional family. I thought we we the only ones.
Not surprisingly, I felt ALONE & LOST because I never really FIT-IN.

When I was a teen I struggled with fitting into a box. 
I needed FREEDOM.
I was distracted & lost in my imagination with TOO MANY ideas.
I didn't think & learn the way others did.
My learning style and brain worked differently than others.
So I gravitated to teachers that "got me" rather than those that tried
to change me or squeeze me into that box. 

I am allergic to the box - like many creatives.

I geared ALL of my education to hone my skills as creative professional.
I wanted to be with others that I could relate to.
CONNECTION was always immediate with other Creatives.

As far those IDEAS -  I didn't want to pick just one thing.
I wanted VARIETY & was torn between creative & practical pursuits. 

My self-esteem was low, except when I was making ART.
This is my happy place. 

When I am stressed & overwhelmed I want to make ART, DESIGN or CREATE something.
I did it for the MENTAL HEALTH benefits. I realized it was therapeutic to self-sooth this way, before I even knew that was what I was doing. 

I have made money from my art & creativity for over 30 years in one way or another. I feel blessed.
MONEY MADE from my creativity has come from many different streams, ventures & iterationsSometimes as an employee, sometimes when self-employed & other times, a combination of BOTH.

I am more satisfied & productive when I "being" creative on-the-job. 
 "Being" creative is part of my purpose & contribution in this world.

Finally, over half way to 100 years old (LOL)

One thing I know for sure is that I am a CREATIVE!


  • Stage is Starlene Silver. Everyone needs a stage name - just in case!

  • Short & spicy! 

  • 5’- 1 and 3/4” but feel much taller

  • More than 1/2 way to 100 years old. Very seasoned.

  • 25% Italian, & apparently the family had connections to the Mob.

  • Reside in beautiful BC & moved here from Ontario over 1/2 a life ago. 

  • I have a PHD...aka a purple hair doo...LOL.

  • I drop the occasional F-bomb.

  • I don't have time for BS.

  • I am a straight talker with a BIG heart. You will see it on my sleeve.

  • I like to LAUGH & don't want to take life too seriously. 

  • I am writing a book called Memories of a Taxidermist Daughter. 
    Be prepared if you ask – it’s gruesome and awesome!

  • Thanks to many years of therapy, I am safe for society!!