SmART Career Solutions (SCS)

was created in 2019 as a solution to fill-in-the-gap for much needed Specialty Career Coaching for Creative Professionals doing job search AND alternative Business Coaching for Creativepreneurs in BC, Canada. 


Our Mission:

To inspire, connect, inform, and serve BC's Creative Community.

Our Services live comfortably between high-priced "executive" services that might NOT feel relatable and the government funded programs that have natural limitations based on their overwhelming caseloads.




GROW faster working with a specialty coach that you can relate to, that understands your distinctive value systems and learning style.


YOU prefer to collaborate with a specialty coach that understands you.

YOU appreciate and benefit from a more creative, hands-on, step-by-step approach of putting their goals into systems.


FEEL the DIFFERENCE working with someone who understands the unconventional path many Creatives tend to embark on. 


  1. CREATIVITY & Artistic expressions are vital for all

  2. BE KIND to yourself, each other and our planet

  3. HAVE FUN & embrace DIVERSITY ; Live & let live.

  4. Be HONEST - Cut the BS

  5. Vulnerability is the new COOL

  6. SHOW UP for yourself & others


Charlene Wright

Founder & Principal Career Coach.


As a Career Coach & Group Facilitator for over a decade, I have supported 1000’s of job seekers, performed 100’s of Mock Interviews, wrote/revised 4000 Marketing tools and Facilitated 1500+ Workshops (with 5000+ hours teaching).

​As an Creativepreneur, I built 2 successful businesses providing creative services. I spent 10 years, dba chalkwrightimages, designing and creating chalkboard signs throughout Western Canada.

For 5 years, dba artdonewright, I have taught drawing and painting classes, as the Artist in Residence for an art studio in Cloverdale, BC.

I studied Fine Arts and Interior Design, and hold diplomas in each. I trained in Professional Coaching with an ICF accredited training program and I am also certified in Peer Counselling.

In addition, I have worked as a Peer Facilitator for BC Alliance for Arts & Culture, where I assisted other creative-types find new employment solutions.

Ann Dommasch

Marketing Tools Expert &
Contributing Employment Coach. 

Writing resumes and cover letters, and otherwise helping people realize their potential, motivates me! 

I have a great deal of writing experience having helped people from all walks of life; a professional Engineer CV or a Customer Service document will get the same attention, customized to make it sing!

P.S. I also have a background as a Singer.

In my ‘former life’ worked as a Graphic Artist for about 25 years. I can’t draw a stick man if you paid me, but give me a computer and I can create what you need!  This creative side allows me to think outside the box with writing material and how to best market your skills, accomplishments and personality. 


After my ‘course correction’ and retraining, I have now been working in this field of employment counselling for 12 years and have seen first hand, on hundreds of occasions, the difference personal branding and strong documents can make in job search.

Check Your Pulse
POWER Session
Chat with a Career Coach
to review your current situation.
Use our proven
SCS “readiness” checklist
to assess just that –
your readiness.




KNOW where you stand with regard to the
9 key factors that determine
Career Transition readiness


Professional feedback
on your existing marketing tools.


Leave feeling more clear, confident and better able to manage your Career Transition more effectively!