At 15, someone asked me what I wanted to do for a living. I had two distinctly different responses.


The first was SHOCK in that nobody had asked me that question before.

The second response was ANGER towards myself – because I DID NOT have an answer and felt like I should know.


The only thing I did know was that I was motivated & creative.

In my crazy little world and thru the lens of my teenage angst, this gave me hope but I didn’t know how to make it happen.

I discovered that as a creative person, my learning style and brain worked differently than others. I had SO MANY ideas.
I couldn’t pick which idea to pursue or where to start. When I started something - I often didn’t finish because I wanted to move back to my happy place – my ideas.


Sometimes it was awesome and other times it sucked.


So I “winged-it” for many years.


The good thing was, I could get away with doing less then my peers and still got by. 

The bad thing was, I could get away with doing less then my peers and still got by.


I can only imagine what I could have done with commitment and dedication to my potential.


But, I didn’t make a plan.


In art college, my friends and I would sit around smoking our long cigarettes, talking about our creative dreams but nobody told us how to make it happen.


Finally, and fortunately, I learned-to-learn with systems, structure and step-by-step efforts and that I work best with visual learning tools.


If I could see it – I could do it. 


I became really skilled at visualizing & interpreting peoples’ ideas and seeing what was needed.


I can easily see what others are struggling with and have learned how to communicate it in ways that make sense.


The answers are often easy for me to see but people still struggle to do it themselves so I developed services based on those needs.


Personally, I have had many career transitions – for many reasons. I moved, got an injury, got tired of a job or inspired to do MORE!

Sometimes I was employed, but I was always making money from my art at the same time. 


I have been an Artist, Creative Professional & serial Creativepreneur for more than 30 years.  With that, I learned discipline came to me when I remembered what I wanted. I also knew that waiting to “feel like it” to be motivated or creative would slow me down.


Then, I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my drawing hand, so at 40, I had to change my career focus so I got a job.

Then, like many professionals, I reached my ceiling in my J.O.B.


I am now a proud ex-hireling (meaning a person employed to undertake menial work).


In 2019, I decided to make that ceiling the platform for SmART Career Solutions, recognizing I could make a bigger difference with ALL of my skills, experience & training combined. 

Now my work is meaningful & with purpose, and can allow a more personal connection with my clients that better serves their needs & mine.


In this ever adapting role,  I am not bound by the rules of a system that doesn’t work for everyone. Myself included.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was working for “others” verses the actual end user. Unfortunately having a middle man creates limitations of service, when in fact, a creative approach could be right for the customer.


Fast forward to Smart Career Solutions. With less rules, more authenticity & honestly.


Now, I get to take from all of the feathers in the cap I wear, which, by the way, are colour coded in my imagination:

  • An experienced Career Coach

  • A trained Life Coach

  • A Peer Counselor

  • An empathetic Creative

  • An Advisor & Educator

  • A Mentor

I take the perspective that we CAN self-manage our careers like a Creativepreneur – by taking initiate, by making imperfect actions, hustling and creating multiple, various avenues to generate income which in turn provides security & stability in this crazy, changing economy. I call it a HYBRID approach. 


I am still an Artist, but now I LOVE supporting motivated professionals find their career solutions and helping reduce the stress of the career transition process.


I have a simple goal - make career transition, job search & interviewing SUCK LESS.



My stage name would be Starlene Silver.

Everyone needs a stage name - just in case!

I am 5’- 1 and 3/4” and 25% Italian. Short & spicy!


Apparently the family had connections to the Mob –

if I tell you more, I might have to put a hit out on you.


I was an only child. Now the only child in my life is my inner child. We're good. 

I drop the occasional F-bomb; I don't have time for BS and I am a straight talker with a BIG heart. 


I grew up with a father who was a Taxidermist. How many people do you know that can say that? I am writing a book called Memories of a Taxidermist Daughter. Be prepared if you ask – it’s gruesome and awesome.


Thanks to many years of therapy, I am safe for society!!