To succeed you'll need to know:

  • Where & How to start

  • How to develop a support system

  • Your barriers & perspective 

  • How to make a plan that works for you

  • Best job search practices

  • How-to Prep for the interview

  • Design a great resume & cover letter

  • How to communicate with confidence

  • How-to perform in the interview

  • Proper follow-up steps and more...


  • You feel like you don't fit into a "traditional 9-5"

  • Struggle to believe an employer will see the value of your creative & artistic skills

  • Don't know how to leverage your creative superpowers.

  • You are afraid you will have to sacrifice your creativity if you take a J.O.B.

  • You want freedom BUT like the stability of a job & regular paycheck

  • YOU are ready to do something DIFFERENT


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Creativepreneurs blend creativity, self promotion & business models to generate opportunities.


Like a successful Creativepreneur, YOU, as a Job Seeker can produce optimum results when you make it your business to self-manage the process.

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