Interview Prepare and Practice


Learn what is expected in today's interviews. Get practice & feedback

$399 / 5 Sessions

$319 / with 20% discount


Image the smile on your face when you walk into your interview ready to ROCK IT!

5 x 50-minute sessions. Includes ANY 5 topics from OPTIONS below:

  • Types of interviews

  • Stages & expectations

  • How to answer questions using proven formulas to build responses

  • Handling difficult questions

  • SMART questions to ask the employer

  • Follow up strategies

  • Mock Interview/Practice - get professional feedback

  • Understanding strengths and areas to improve

  • Improving your interview confidence and performance

  • Communication & rapport building

  • Addressing your nerves and reducing your stress•  

  • Feeling prepared and practiced to get positive results

•    Extra MOCKS at $55 as needed
•    1 x Anytime session (30-mins)
•    2 x Milestone Celebration Call (30-mins)

You want to be a POWERHOUSE in your next interview - NOW is when you have the time to PREP and PRACTICE.


This package was designed to provide results when you are near the stage of interviewing.


It puts the focus on a bit more PREP than my other packages and we build on the sessions over a bit more time. 


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