Interview Prepare and Practice


The interview is just around the corner and it's time to PRACTICE!

$229 / 3 Sessions

$183 / with 20% discount

You can feel it - it's Golden Go Time!


Image the smile on your face when you walk into your interview ready to ROCK IT!

3 x 50-minute FOCUSED Sessions


Combination of Interview Prep/Training and/or Mock Interview

  • 1 x Milestone Celebration Call (30-mins)

  • 1 x SOS Call (15-mins)

  • Extra MOCKS at $55 as needed

You got the interview - or it's just around the corner. This package was designed to provide results when you need them.

Time to polish off your message; get the information straight in your head & clear when you say it out loud. 


Practicing is the BEST way to get a handle on your message.

Your Career Coach will LEAD in the sessions but you determine how we focus our time together.

We can focus on:
•    Addressing your nerves and reducing your stress
•    Crafting powerful answers and stories to re: skills
•    Using proven formulas to build responses
•    Getting professional feedback
•    Understanding strengths and areas to improve
•    Feeling prepared and practiced to get positive results 
•    Managing your mindset, emotions and self-care
•    Improving performance


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