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PAINT like a MASTER painting classes for groups

My clients say...they CANT draw a stick-figure or better yet, you CAN'T even draw a breath...LOL
Until they take my class!
When was the last time you gave yourself permission
to be creative? 

You want to get started but don't know where to begin. It feels like a big commitment.
You don't want to spend too much money on buying all the supplies.
You are already busy & fear that getting set up will leave you with no energy left to paint.
You're doing it alone, you don't know how to judge your efforts, & feel frustrated when you hit a hump. 

Making some time for yourself away from your BUSY life is vital in today's world.

Doing ART can be THERAPUTIC just by DOING.

You can Paint like a Master, but remember, there is NO pressure to be a Master.
The focus is on having a FUN night out with a cool painting activity!
We set you up for success by teaching & demonstrating the painting process,
You will learn some basic painting techniques & leave feeling proud of your efforts, with a completed painting ready to hang on your wall!

All classes run Monday - Sunday 6-9 pm.
Prices only $55.00 per painter!
Max. 12 painters per class.* Minimum 6

I teach out of a sweet little studio in Cloverdale, BC called

Check out our schedules HERE for upcoming classes.

•We have the whole studio to ourselves. 
•Includes canvas, paints, instruction & studio time.
•BYOB – Bring your own beverages & snacks. 

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