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  • How can I make a lay-off less painful for our management & helpful for the employee?

  • How can I show my laid-off staff that we care about their future?
  • What would be a great add-on to our severance packages?
  • How can we build our team UP with a fun team-building activity?

  • What are the best ways to build our team's connection & understanding of each other?

Employer Outsourcing 


Career Coaching is a great addition to your staffs' severance packages to show you still care. Various packages & services available.


How an employee begins—and ends their tenure can define their experience.


With SmART Career Solutions you can provide your new hires a tangible gesture of reassurance at the beginning that pays off in the end.

Health & mental health needs are foremost on everyone’s mind as we adapt and move forward in the post-Covid 19 economy.


We all know what it feels like to be unprepared.


Employers certainly cannot plan for complete unknowns & cannot guarantee stability in the workplace, but they can encourage career self-management.

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Assessment Workshops for staff team building & professional development. 

What is Personality Dimensions?

Personality Dimensions® represents the next level of evolution in presenting temperament or personality theory. This dynamic tool is the culmination of the research and validation work that was done in Canada over two decades to support temperament theory, and to provide an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem, and effective communication strategies.

Personality Dimensions® fosters increased self-knowledge through a facilitated self-discovery model that will make a
lasting positive impact.


How does it work?

Personality Dimensions® emphasizes the self-discovery process, and uses the highly effective, time-honored learning technique of manipulating cards to engage the participant and reinforce learning by choosing the temperament or personality that is most like them from the four temperament-based, colour coded Picture Cards.


These personal selections are then reinforced by selecting Dimension Cards that are most representative of the individual in some or all of the following areas, depending on the type of program being facilitated: Life Values, In Communication, At Work, In Relationships, or In Conflict.


Participants explore their personal values, traits, strengths, characteristics, and behaviours & complete a short quiz to reveal their preferences for introversion or extroversion.


Personality Dimensions® is the first temperament tool to utilize the introversion and extroversion component, allowing for deeper understanding of one’s preferences and communication style.

Each participant in a Personality Dimensions® workshop will receive a copy of the PD In Action report for future reference.

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