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many faces of charlene

As an Artist & Creative Professional, Charlene knows first-hand how non-traditional careers & businesses unfolds. She has had many career transitions as well. 
She also knows how career & business advising doesn’t usually address the unique perspective & needs we creatives have.
Many providers don't know how to work with us. I do. I am you in many ways.

So Charlene created SmART Career Solutions &
put the ART in SmART 
to fill-in-that-gap.
The super sauce Char brings is a quadfecta of personal & professional perspectives from the Artist to the Career Counsellor & to a Business Advisor. It can be pretty life changing.

Sure you can "DIY" this process - but I believe suffering is optional. 

So many Artists & creative professionals are pushed into a box when it comes to career transition - traditional approaches don't always work.
I want to serve in the way I would have appreciated - open, straight-talking, NO BS, less woo woo & way more tangible systems & solutions - all customized!
It's not too much to ask.


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Founder & Principal Coach


After 10+ years, working as a Certified Career Counsellor & Job Search Coach Charlene has:

  • Worked with 1000’s of professionals in career transition

  • Performed 100’s of Mock Interviews

  • Wrote 4000+ Resumes & Cover Letters

  • Facilitated 1500+ Workshops (5000+ hours)


More importantly, she:

  • Held hope for her clients’ when they couldn’t themselves

  • Built up confidence & self-esteem.

  • Bought people ease in a frustration journey.

  • Taught others how not-to hate job search, interviews & career transitions so much.

  • Takes no BS & holds people to their highest standards – with great empathy


​As a serial Entrepreneur, Charlene has built 4 small businesses leveraging her creativity.

​Charlene studied Fine Arts and Interior Design & hold diplomas in each. In one of many career transitions, she trained to be a Certified Peer Counsellor & ICF trained Professional Coach. 


As a Facilitator for BC Alliance for Arts & Culture, Charlene guided fellow creative-types tap into their talents to find career solutions.


Now, Charlene is also a Business Advisor for the YMCA Self - Employment Program - where her role as an ARTIST positions her as the right-fit to serve our creative new entrepreneurs.


Everything I do comes from the perspective of a Creative.

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kid char
One thing I know for sure is that I am a CREATIVE.

I was an only child brought up by my mother, but I had a very creative father who was a Taxidermist.
I never really FIT-IN, had low self-confidence & no identity to speak of.

When I was a teen I struggled with fitting into "the box". 
I was frustrated & needed FREEDOM.
I was often distracted & lost in my imagination.
I had TOO MANY ideas.

I didn't think & learn the way others did.
My learning style and brain worked differently than others.
So I gravitated to teachers that "got me" rather than those that tried
to change me or squeeze me into that box. 

I am allergic to the box - like many creatives.

I geared ALL of my education to hone my skills as creative professional.
I wanted to be with others that I could relate to.
CONNECTION was always immediate with other Creatives.

As far those IDEAS -  I didn't want to pick just one thing.
I wanted VARIETY & was torn between creative & practical pursuits. 

I knew that my self-esteem came from making ART.
This is my happy place. 

When I am stressed & overwhelmed I want to make ART, DESIGN or CREATE something.
I did it for the MENTAL HEALTH benefits. I realized it was therapeutic to self-sooth this way, before I even knew that was what I was doing. 

I have made money from my art & creativity for over 30 years in one way or another. I feel blessed.
MONEY MADE from my creativity has come from many different streams, ventures & iterationsSometimes as an employee, sometimes when self-employed & other times, a combination of BOTH.

I am more satisfied & productive when I "being" creative on-the-job. 
 "Being" creative is part of my purpose & contribution in this world.

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FUN FACTS. Charlene is:​

  • Silly - Starlene Silver would be my stage name - I'm ready, just in case! Likes to LAUGH & don't want to take life too seriously.

  • Short & Spicy - 5’- 1 and 3/4” but mighty. 

  • More than 1/2 way to 100 years old. Very seasoned.

  • 25% Italian, & apparently the family had connections to the Mob.

  • Resides in beautiful BC & moved from Ontario over 1/2 a life ago. 

  • An occasional F-bomb dropper & doesn't have time for BS.

  • Is a straight talker with a BIG heart. You will see it on her sleeve.


  • Is writing a book called Memories of a Taxidermist Daughter. 
    Be prepared if you ask – it’s gruesome and awesome!

  • Safe for society - thanks to many years of therapy. 

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