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3 Warning SIGNS that your JOB SEARCH is about to STALL.

How-to KNOW your job search is stalling.

Okay…let me ask you. What is the reason behind the WARNING indicator on the dashboard of our vehicles?

I know J Captain Obvious here....

Easy Answer...

…it’s a SIGN that there is a PROBLEM.

So, what do YOU do and/or say to yourself when the WARNING signal is triggered on your vehicle?


Worry. Tell myself & others... It should be fine.

I don’t have time. I’ll do it later.

Many of us ignore the warning signs and drive a bit longer without dealing to the issue?

But, what happens when we ignore the warning signs completely?

Yup. Another easy answer.

It ends up COSTING us way MORE in the long run because the car will eventually SHUT DOWN for us.

Then you would be a sad puppy.

Don’t be a sad puppy.

It’s the same for us in career transition.

I think it’s just like waiting too long to get SUPPORT for with your job search & career transition.

We may get some WARNING signs (see below) but many of us ignore them - & we ignore them for too long which ultimately results in a job search STALL!

My advice is...Pay attention to the SIGNS because your THOUGHTS, FEELINGS &/or BEHAVIOURS are trying to tell you something.

1. DIFFICULT Feelings: No motivation, alone & overwhelmed because…

  • You need time to morn & reflect on situation

  • You know you SHOULD be job searching BUT you are finally enjoying some downtime to decompress

  • Your learning curve to be competent is steep

2. NEGATIVE Thoughts = Second guessing yourself because…

  • Your typical confidence is nowhere to be found

  • You’re missing a second opinion or brainstorming partner

  • You don’t have a decision making and/or a problem solving system

3. SELF-DEFEATING Behaviours: Procrastinating & Lack of Accountability because…

  • You’re waiting to feel like it

  • You lack of plan & routine

  • You are better with external motivation

It’s ALL because doing JOB SEARCH ALONE makes a stressful & overwhelming transition EVEN HARDER & LONGER.

I think the stuff that holds us back needs to be looked at – so we get honest about & address the thoughts, feelings & behaviours associated with a STALLING JOB SEARCH.

You might be interested in my Check Your Pulse Power Session – a quick & affordable way to check-in for SUPPORT.

Together we assess your situation, you get immediate feedback & establish your next steps.

You might also appreciate the tips that come with my FREE Replay Webinar called “Doing Career Transition like a Creativepreneur” as a tool to provide you SUPPORT on the subject of job search. It’s a 60-minute replay & overview of the 9 Steps to Address that trip up job seekers when not taken care of.

Why suffer alone?

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