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Updated: Apr 29

5 tips to OVERCOME the uncertainty of JOB SEARCH because you LACK SUPPORT will help.

SMART Tip #3 of 5. Don’t suffer alone.

women struggling with job search alone

Why is job search so fricking overwhelming you ask...Because doing job search in a career transition ALONE makes an already stressful transition that reeks of uncertainty EVEN HARDER & makes it take EVEN LONGER.

But…what type of support do you need?

There are 4 TYPES of SUPPORT for Career Transitions.

Understanding the types of support & what YOU NEED will help you design your IDEAL SUPPORT SYSTEM.

4 quadrant chart showing 4types of support - emotional,; informational; tangible & being witnessed
4 types of job search support

Woman managing her emotions falsely with paper in front of face with drawn smile yet with teary eyes.
Help manage emotions from the stress of career transition bog-down.

Emotional – Help to manage emotions like the stress of career transition.

Comes in the form of listening, normalizing & empathizing.

Provides hope & reassurance.

white word stating INFO with arrow to the right
Informational support is essential for fast tracking your success.

Informational – Advise, suggestions & information to address a problem or teach a skill.

May include training of best practices for success in career transition; how to answer questions in interviews, or what info goes into a cover letter.

Man with back to camera staring at blue wall with lots of yellow posted notes in chaotic display.
Too many ideas - not enough time

Tangible – Hands on help with factors.

May include regular meetings to brainstorm; constructive feedback for areas to improve; doing an info interview with you so you can research a company; formatting a resume; or doing a practice (mock) interview.

Hand holding glass ball that distorts image reflected of what is in front of her
See your future success ahead of you

Witness – Objective observations & feedback to allow for accurate self-assessment. Example: Not seeing progress. Witness can remind you of steps accomplished to date & remind of successes. Feedback from practice interview can confirm if your nerves were as visible as they felt.

To Summarize:


LEARN & KNOW what type of support works for you

Consider different supporters for different needs

Asking for SUPPORT is a sign of STRENGTH

For more help with this...

Smart Career Solutions offers a Check Your Pulse Power Session – a quick & affordable way to check-in with a Career Coach for SUPPORT & assess your situation, get immediate feedback & establish your next steps.

You might appreciate the tips that come with our FREE Replay Webinar called “Doing Career Transition like a Creativepreneur” as a tool to provide you SUPPORT on the subject of job search. It’s a 60-minute replay & overview of the 9 Steps to Address that trip up job seekers when not taken care of.

Don’t suffer alone.

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