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5 tips to OVERCOME the uncertainty of JOB SEARCH because you LACK SUPPORT will help.

SMART Tip #3 of 5. Don’t suffer alone.

women struggling with job search alone

Because doing job search in a career transition ALONE makes an already stressful transition that reeks of uncertainty EVEN HARDER & makes it take EVEN LONGER.

But…what type of support do you need?

There are 4 TYPES of SUPPORT for Career Transitions.

Understanding the types of support & what YOU NEED will help you design your IDEAL SUPPORT SYSTEM.

Emotional – Help to manage emotions like the stress of career transition.

Comes in the form of listening, normalizing & empathizing.

Provides hope & reassurance.

Informational – Advise, suggestions & information to address a problem or teach a skill.

May include training of best practices for success in career transition; how to answer questions in interviews, or what info goes into a cover letter.

Tangible – Hands on help with factors.

May include regular meetings to brainstorm; constructive feedback for areas to improve; doing an info interview with you so you can research a company; formatting a resume; or doing a practice (mock) interview.

Witness – Objective observations & feedback to allow for accurate self-assessment. Example: Not seeing progress. Witness can remind you of steps accomplished to date & remind of successes. Feedback from practice interview can confirm if your nerves were as visible as they felt.

To Summarize:


LEARN & KNOW what type of support works for you

Consider different supporters for different needs

Asking for SUPPORT is a sign of STRENGTH

For more help with this...

Smart Career Solutions offers a Check Your Pulse Power Session – a quick & affordable way to check-in with a Career Coach for SUPPORT & assess your situation, get immediate feedback & establish your next steps.

You might appreciate the tips that come with our FREE Replay Webinar called “Doing Career Transition like a Creativepreneur” as a tool to provide you SUPPORT on the subject of job search. It’s a 60-minute replay & overview of the 9 Steps to Address that trip up job seekers when not taken care of.

Don’t suffer alone.

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