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Suffering is optional

Why do so many professionals still HATE job search? It makes sense that this transition would be hard if you decide to just "wing-it". You think you have an idea of what to do but many DON'T take the time to learn how to do it properly. When we learn the skills of an effective job seeker, then career transitions are NOT so hard.

The process can be simplified and broken down into manageable steps.

In fact, with a little planning and self-management we can create the stability & security that we used to think came from a job. It actually comes from within.

Jobs come and go but you remain the key factor in the equation.

Like a Creativepreneur, you need to plan ahead, take initiate & be creative as you design multiple & various avenues for generating income.

When we step into our "responsibility" - we learn to "respond to our ability"!

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