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When the job offer isn't on target.

I had a call from a client today. He has only been unemployed for a short time now and hasn't had to interview in over a decade. I made him an awesome new resume and he is getting responses already.

He proceeded to tell me that yesterday he went to a casual interview for a job that is 5 minutes from his place. The employer had responded enthusiastically to his application & it seemed like an easy solution.

He then explained to me that he felt insulted by the approach that the employer had taken. The employer knew that my client had previously made $32.00 per hour and even asked him before the interview what he would be willing to accept as a wage. My client stated he would be willing to start at between $28-$30. The employer called him in anyways then proceeded to tell him he could only afford to pay him $25.00. He asked me - "Why did he even call me in?" - My response...why wouldn't he? - he knows you are unemployed and you applied.

I was so glad he called and asked for my support. As we talked out the pros and cons of accepting the job - he already knew his answer. He will not take the job out of desperation. Our new and changing economy require that we are flexible but it doesn't mean we have to settle for less nor take the first job offered. Keep an eye on your target.

It may mean he needs to be more discerning about who he applies to and why.

He decided that he will take the free time that he has right now (due to a nice severance payout) and will pursue an employer that sees the win/win in them working together.

Yes it takes work to find a good employment solution but it's worth it.

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